Creating Affordable Housing Communities for Families Across America

Our Investment Focus

Blue Elm Investments was founded from a passion for helping people achieve their financial dreams through real estate investing. I want to share my success and experience and help you achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

What Blue Elm Investments does for you:
• Take the hassle out of real estate investing, while still offering the financial returns and significant tax benefits that real estate offers.
• Partner with successful, experienced real estate sponsors, brokers, and investors.
• Research the most profitable, stable markets that insure the investments return steady, consistent cashflow.
• Perform extensive due diligence on each property to purchase them at the right price for both current cashflow and future appreciation.
• Provide excellent customer service and communicate regularly with our investors. We are not a faceless, nameless mutual fund, REIT, or publicly traded company, but instead partner with you directly to help you achieve financial independence.

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Parks are one of the most overlooked, yet profitable real estate investments. In many parts of the country, mobile homes offer the most affordable alternative to working class families. Through the parks we acquire and manage, we improve the parks and offer our residents a safe, clean place to live, while delivering superior returns for our investors.